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Vail’s Approach
Do you place value on how your food was grown and where it comes from? Do you conduct research before you purchase your family’s new vehicle? Are you committed to the quality of your children's education and do you promote professionalism in your workplace?  How have you selected your family physician or your dentist? Is your home one of your most valued investments? Does the person or firm you are seeking to hire have the same commitment to service, quality, expertise, and the ability to understand the scope of your project and share your vision?   My name is Robert Vail and I hope that you will ask these critical questions before you hire me, or anyone as your contractor. I am an engineer by education having graduated from Maine Maritime Academy with a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering. I have over 25 years of experience in building new homes, additions, remodeling, restorations and renovations.   I have a strong commitment to serving my community. I have spent 15 years on the Cumberland Planning Board, currently serving a fifth term on the Cumberland and North Yarmouth School Board. My long term commitment to the community is a reflection of the work ethic that I will bring to your project.   Construction is an art. It is my avocation as much as my vocation. I believe that your home should bring you much comfort and be a reflection of your own sense of style and values.   Robert Vail President  
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